Gift Idea from the Czech Glassworks Rückl - The Perfect and Valuable Gift with Flowers!

We are delighted to offer you cut crystal from the Rückl glassworks on our e-shop and in stores. We believe that cut glass, vases, and gift glasses perfectly complement a beautiful bouquet of flowers, providing a gift of lasting value that you can also personalize!

All glasses and vases can be enhanced with sandblasting or engraving, allowing you to permanently etch important dates or text onto these beautiful, everyday design items like flower vases or water glasses.


On our e-shop, you will find "stock items" of pre-prepared sets of water glasses, perfect for gifting with love, as well as a "for him" gift in the form of a beautifully cut beer glass! These products are in stock and can be delivered with flowers within two hours. All items come in a Rückl gift box and include a certificate of origin.


If you have more time (approximately 7 days) to prepare a sophisticated gift, you can create your own set of glasses from the ABC collection: "Carved initials on tree bark, sugar icing on a gingerbread heart, or a dedication in a favorite book. Rückl's crystal alphabet continues this loving tradition of preserving precious moments and gives you a tool to express yourself in a whole new language."

You can choose from all the letters of the alphabet. Play, combine colors and letters, and write what’s in your heart. Say it with Rückl. The glasses from the ABC collection come in three color variants for the entire alphabet - iconic pink, crystal clear, and delicate blue. You can mix and match all the glasses with each other or with motifs from the Pink collection. Create your own personal Rückl collection.

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For the Most Discerning Customers

Are you looking for true artistry? Do you want to gift a collectible piece that will impress? The vases from the HERO.INE collection are a perfect blend of artistic glassmaking and the world of floristry. And it's simply perfect!

The HERO.INE collection features seven vases with unique cuts, available in several color variations and five different sizes, catering to the diverse needs of floral arrangements. Each of the seven vases is characterized by and named after different international and Czech heroines, strong women who inspire Rückl's artistic director Kateřina Handlová in her work and life. These heroines include EMA Destinová, LATA Brandisová, VIVIENNE Westwood, and COCO Chanel.





Sandblasting on Crystal

Give your loved ones a unique gift by customizing Rückl crystal with original sandblasting. Sandblasting is a technique where sharp grains of sand are blasted onto the crystal under high-pressure air, etching the words of your choice.


We are happy to answer any questions related to the cut crystal from Rückl glassworks. Do not hesitate to contact us!