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General Terms and Conditions, Return and Cancellation Policy

These General Terms and Conditions (GTC) govern the relationship between the seller, BAMARMI s.r.o. (hereinafter the "Seller") and customers of BAMARMI s.r.o. (hereinafter the “Buyer(s)”). The Buyer is obliged to get acquainted with Return and Cancellation Policy and General Terms and Conditions before ordering any goods from BAMARMI s.r.o.

 General terms

„The seller“ is a legal entity BAMARMI s.r.o., with office at Kobylín 16, 644 00 Brno, IČO (ID): 07579799. The seller owns internet "e-shop" www.kvetinybrno.cz with floral arrangements and accessories. 

„The buyer“ is subject of law, who made "floral agreement" with the seller on distance.

By ordering goods from the seller through the e-shop, the buyer and the seller accept the general terms and conditions and return and cancellation policy, which are for both participants obliged to.

Subject of agreement

Subject of agrement is goods specified in order by name.

The seller is obliged to deliver goods in perfect conditions, according to the specifications and attributes usual for such kind of goods. Due to the fact, that each floral arrangement is original, it is possible that the delivered floral arrangement may not exactly match the artwork in the picture. If the floral arrangement differs from the original depicted in the artwork by more than 20%, the seller is obliged to inform buyer in advance. 

By filling in the binding order, the buyer accepts valid price of the goods specified in the order, unless otherwise agreed and agree that his or her age and the age of recipient of the order is over 18 since we don't sell any spirits and not deliver any alcohol to those under age of 18 and it is forbidden.

The buyer can change or cancel order only by an e-mail sent on libisemi@kvetinybrno.cz at least 4 hours before requested delivery time. 

Order validity 

The condition for an order validity is true filling of all mandatory information, when the buyer sends his order or registration. Order is also sale contract, when purchase agreement arises by delivering of goods.  

Prices and payment options for internet orders

Prices are valid at the time of placing the order by a buyer.  

Payment options for Internet orders:

  • through bank account,
  • cash on delivery,
  • with credit card through Shoptet Pay gate
  • with paypal

Withdrawal form the contract

according to Law 367/2000 § 53, paragraph 7) the buyer does not have right to terminate the contract when the delivery of goods is adapted to the wishes of the consumer. 

Rights and obligations of the seller

The seller is obliged to execute a valid order, to send and deliver ordered goods to the delivering address specified by the buyer by the time agreed under the sales contract. 

By filling in the binding order, the buyer gives his consent with collection and archiving of personal data about the purchaser and about his purchases in compliance with Act No 101/2000 Coll., On protection of personal data. 

The seller declares that all personal data are confidential and will only be used for the execution of the contract with the Buyer and these data will not be made public or or provided to third parties etc. with the exception of data needed for transportation of the goods or the way of payment concerning the goods ordered (use of  name  and shipping address). 

The seller has the right to refuse an order if the buyer fails to fulfill its commitment to take the goods on time or to pay agreed purchase price. 

The seller has the right to refuse an order without any reason, but it must be done within two hours in woriking time of store from 9:00 to 19:00 from puting order by customer and has to inform the customer about it.

The seller has the right to withdraw from a binding order, if a delivery of goods becomes impossible, unless both participants of contract agree on a new fulfillment. 

Final provisions

Participants express in the sense of § 262, paragraph 1 of the Commercial Code and agree that unless the conditions are expressly stated otherwise, their rights and obligations govern according to the Commercial Code, in particular the provisions of § 409 and following.

Seller reserves the right to change these conditions without prior notice.

Data privacy

Personal information is protected from disclosure and use of a third party. They are only used to send emails and order confirmations to inform the buyer.

Laws and regulations: - Act. No. 101/2000

Complaints policy
Flowers can be claimed according to the law within 24 hours. However, we also deal with complaints after two days. Just send an email with a photo of the bouquet to: libisemi
@kvetinybrno.cz , or call us on +420 702 004 711 and tell us the reason for the complaint. 
The assessment of the complaint is based on the fact that we have the opportunity to compare flowers from the same delivery from the Dutch Exchange in 3 of our own florists and can thus assess the reason for the wilting of the flower. 
If we accept the complaint, the courier will deliver a new bouquet or we will refund you in an agreed manner.

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