Hand-Cut Crystal by Rückl

Send one of the gift sets of glasses from the ABC series by Rony Plesl, or a beer glass, or a cut crystal vase online immediately with flowers!

If you have more time to acquire the gift, for example, 7 days, we can have a message of your choice engraved on the glasses directly at the factory, or you can assemble the glasses from the ABC series according to your initials!




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We are very pleased to offer you, in addition to flowers, lasting valuable gifts that are part of the "family silver" of the Czech Republic! In this case, it is Czech crystal, renowned worldwide and passed down from generation to generation. This way, you can give an important anniversary, birthday, or any other occasion a permanent mark that you can also use daily. Give the gift of cut crystal from the Rückl glassworks (1846), which, through the renaissance of Czech hand-cut crystal, is committed to returning top-notch design, quality, and elegance to both exceptional and everyday moments.

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