Wedding flowers

A wedding is a significant moment in the lives of most of us and that is why we want everything to go without the slightest problem on this day. One of the important aspects of a wedding is choosing a good florist.
Preparing weddings also places high demands on the most important part of our business, the flowers themselves. The flower buds are subjected to extreme stress due to various creative tying techniques, sun exposure time, flower time without water and the handling itself. However, our service includes "double" hedging with fresh flowers for the most important parts of the wedding. Thus, on "D" day, in some cases, we have up to double the number of cut flowers ready than the actual order and are able to replace any flowers in an emergency. 
Our florists are ready to provide consultations based on size, styling, colors, budget and ceremony location. Consultations are always no obligation and free of charge. (1920 × 400 px)

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