Unconventional wedding bouquet made of protea, eryngium, and eucalyptus

Many thanks to the bride, Sonja, for providing the photographs and for allowing us to be a part of her significant day. The photos are from Mrs. Eva Havlíková.

This unique wedding bouquet stands out with a blend of exotic and elegant elements that bring freshness and originality to the wedding design. The main components of this bouquet are:

  1. Protea: Protea is an impressive exotic flower with distinctive and robust crown-shaped petals. Its striking texture and rich color give the wedding bouquet a dramatic and captivating look.

  2. Eryngium Magnet: Eryngium Magnet, also known as "sea holly," adds a subtle blue and purple touch to the bouquet. Its thorns and structure create contrast with the other flowers and provide the bouquet with a unique visual interest.

  3. Eryngium Sirius: Another type of eryngium, Eryngium Sirius, brings delicate shades of blue and silver to the composition. Its small inflorescence resembles the night sky, symbolizing the heavenly love of the newlyweds.

  4. Eucalyptus: Eucalyptus leaves give the wedding bouquet a fragrant and fresh aroma. Their gray-green color and delicate texture create a very romantic and natural feel.

  5. Statice: Statice is a flower with small, delicate blooms in various colors. Its flowers symbolize subtle beauty and can bring a gentle and soft element to the composition.

This unconventional wedding bouquet creates a contrasting yet harmonious whole that celebrates the uniqueness of the couple's love. Protea represents strength and courage, Eryngium Magnet and Eryngium Sirius bring an air of mystery and wonder, eucalyptus adds freshness and relaxation, while statice symbolizes hidden beauty and tenderness. This composition is ideal for couples who want to create an unforgettable wedding experience that shines with originality and elegance.


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